Tuesday, February 19, 2013

To Each His Own

The recent origin of spirituality claims to take oneself and transcend on your own ethics of wellbeing and mentality. How much we mean to ourselves and how much we care of what we mean to others. Becoming connected to your own mind and the importance of thought is overwhelming.
To be taken over by emotion, loose control of thought and mind for what matters more than the feeling of this instance. A wave of over extorted sadness or grief that develops and takes over every moment and every benign piece of thought.
Life, thought, spirit, mind, belief, takes over humanity to the extent where it goes beyond religion. You get lost on your own. Nothing can call you into yourself like your own being. Your demeanor holds control of your character. Nothing should get into your head and build a wall to keep the world out. Mind over thought and thought over mind. Reality goes beyond an image that displays the misrepresentation of honesty.
Invincibility versus failure equals the difference between a victorious energy and death. Before you know it your falling down and nothing without motivation will get you up.  Before you go make a statement and give meaning to it all.
Shine bright and learn to love being lost in yourself it’s the most comfortable place to be. Understand your mind and understand yourself even if your path is totally lost you know how to pick up and mend the rocks.
Bring your pain to a new light and find a way to make it a lesson. Nothing has loved you as much as lost thoughts. For lost thoughts as much as they are mislaid they will never be forgotten. Love the moment and don’t misdirect your energy. Move your fears into positivity for you will never dream as much as the dream your living.

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