Sunday, April 7, 2013


Glory is undeserved when it speaks no reason. You can spit your lies and swallow the truth when you should blatantly face your reason and conquer your own insecurities. Hiding behind the defaults of another makes you stronger when you have no other path to follow.
A sad truth that is observant to every minimal dynamic of your own life. Defeat the master of your own self and disperse the beautiful person you may reclusively be…


All of what you learned blows your mind straight from inside. Nothing feels like your going to learn anymore. But then… it blows your mind.

Don’t fall apart wipe the tears off your face and start again. It’s only been the beginning of you and who you’re being is supposed to be, grow up with what you learned. Revolutionize who you are and remake yourself.

We grow up in the character of an independent individual whom you know you want to be. Make an impression leave a mark and yes you pushed your revolution on the people that crossed your path.

Is that not all we want to believe there’s somewhere to go? Is there? A question to ask for the next 60 70 years. Who knows and who can answer and who can believe enough I envy the truth.

The amount of experiences if good or bad are the ones we learn from. Push forward. Fall and fall higher again. Pick it up like no one has carried it higher..

Is this it? The apocalypse seems like it could be any minute of the day and life can seen so fulfilling but yet so minimal.


The world you grew up in has so many meanings. Meanings that have no place. Where do you belong where do you go. So many cultures you want to be part of all. No where to fit in and no where to find your niche..
Suddenly you feel what? Your part of all meaning  and all beliefs. Thanks to Jesus and Allah.. Lost yes

But suddenly wait., you hear the music and the love and it seems like it all makes sense again no matter what thought what religion what belief what ever you want it to be it should be….