Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Saying Goodbye

To say goodbye will never be easy. The sorrow we feel seems like a never ending burrow that keeps digging deeper into our souls. The feeling of having lost someone so great leaves a gaping hole in all our hearts. The tears we cry could fill oceans of sorrow and sadness. This is how we are all feeling during this heartrending time.

Its come to a day where we wonder about death and the loss of our family and friends. An unexplainable prevalence that can never be explained and that will never seem fair. It is the most misunderstood concept of life in all its glory and sadness. We all feel that we would do anything to bring you back but sometimes to be strong means to be able to let go.

We are sorry to see you gone but are celebrating that you ever lived. I applaud you and commend you for who you were and for letting us be part of your lives. Lives that were so full of care and love that you had enough to share with us all. Seeing the path you took and allowing us to walk where you have walked, into, under, above, and through, taking each step in a magnificent stride.

It is hard to find comfort in our days when our thoughts are overtaken by grief. We are sorry to see you leaving, leaving us behind. Life did not do you justice so you left us for something better. However we find comfort in thinking of what great people you were. Memories that will leave and afterglow of smiles on the faces they pass. Memories that will echo a trail of soft whispers in our hearts.

Watching you go is like watching a shooting star for a shooting star is the one that stands out the most, the one that flies the fastest but the one that shined the brightest. 

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