Tuesday, February 19, 2013


No truth lies in our thoughts when we go through our days living in twines of unbroken uncertainty. Following the deceptions of fanatic goals that society has laid in our laps restricting of course to social wellbeing and class. Born in the democratic demure of ‘1st world ‘countries automatically brings with it a definitive sense of privilege and stature.
Most of us forget that if a tiny particle of fate, fate the forecast of our beings, was switched we may not be so lucky. Luck is what defines if we have a consistent flow of our basic nourishment or if we have the ‘privilege’ of literacy. What we may take for granted is a misunderstanding to others who do not share our world, for our world is only a tiny percentage of human existence.
The privileged should in no way be oblivious to their fortune, by no means, but it should be embraced. Fortune should be taken as serendipity. It is a disgrace to see nations who have the means to lavishly occupy their nations ‘culture’ in branding and social media but to be silent onlookers in the cruelty that befalls and prevails the Middle East or Africa.
The millions of people dying of the fight for something so real that we may never understand the strength of belief in a cause so much grander than any battle we have ever had to face in our own simplicity. Streams of blood forever tattoo our futures history book to remind us that we did nothing to intervene.
An infant that loses its parents to the evils of a bullet will forever run on the track of that memory. It’s a never-ending jog in the destruction of a life that had so much potential. A mother that faces raising a mine crippled child will still carry the hope of a magnificent life but not without carrying a scar in her beliefs. A wife that mourns her husband will mourn the absence of her soulmate in all her sustenance.

The procrastination of intervention is taking a tremendous toll and will leave its marks for the generations following whatever path an outcome lays out for them. Is the unending scream of despair and the deepest loss of distressed lives and desperation for a better life not enough for our so unmistaken ‘Western society’ not enough? To judge is the easiest excuse for ignorance. What we do not see is that there is a dark beauty in the strength of a belief that buries itself so hard it brands the skin of your thoughts and decisions. For at least there is a belief in something and a motivation to fight for something you believe in and to withstand the tyrannical rulings of our leaders. Leaders who should be mentors not leaders who carry with them the deaths of thousands on their conscience. Countries so powerful they are considered world leaders? Leaders who believe their regime will lead to immortality. The greatest regime is the regime of the people, for without the people there would be no cause and without a cause there would be no belief. Belief is reality and reality is the truth.

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