Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Happy Again

When things look brighter they look better. Leave it behind and the pain  you felt is not easy but it becomes a part of you that you learn to make you a better more brilliant individual. Your brighter your taller your stronger. There’s movement and a smile on your face that took over what were tears that seemed like they bit into you but now they’re behind you. Happy

Pull me when my aim is off, it can straighten and when you think down is too low it may be higher up than you know.

Turn it around.  Don’t wait..

Happy seemed like a word or emotion that would never come back but it did. I sit here for once writing and I’m smiling. Its hard to give and its hard to get along but now you want to stand tall again. Euphoria and nostalgia become a glorious beautiful sadness that enlightens you to what you think you missed but leads you to what you had and what you should be great full for.

Standing tall standing up and yes you fall deep but you  CAN climb even higher…

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